A Word and a Square

I always wonder what life holds for my websites. First, there was Burgos Online. Then Burgosian Innovations, JoVo Nexus, and finally we've come to this. Social networking has made it practically impossible to hide online--not that I was trying very hard since I used my last name for the first two sites I ever made. JoVo Nexus came to be because, at some point, I actually had a bunch of people posting and doing stuff on my site. We had a radio station, a comic (sometimes several), the works.

Eventually, I came to see my site as a reservoir of things I'd made. I guess, to some extent, I never wanted to give up on JoVo Nexus because it was my online home. Still. I haven't done anything with it in forever, and keeping up with a personal blog and an author site is absurd. I can barely do one well enough, and it's this--the author site--that I want to really keep up with. So JoVo Nexus is going away. Instead, there will be this.

Oh, I'll be keeping the domain. This site will be accessible from both jovonexus.net and jackburgos.com. Call it nostalgia.

Oh, right. The title of this post. You'll notice the site has changed somewhat. I decided that, given my need to focus on things other than my website and keeping it running without constant updates and faulty software, I'm gonna go ahead and change things around so that they're easier to maintain. Squarespace is promoted in almost any podcast I listen to. It's a good platform. Simpler than what I'm used to, but I don't have the time for constant maintenance. As I told the president of A Murder of Storytellers LLC, I'm not a staff. I am a single staff member: not enough to maintain a site 24/7. Thankfully, Squarespace is. I get to be the webmaster without having to stay up at all hours.

And, if this works out, Murder will be moving to Squarespace with me. That's a pretty cool deal. But we'll see how it works out for me first. So far, I like Squarespace, so this is all looking very promising.