One of the most important things that I do towards my writing is to be a part of A Murder of Storytellers, a writing group where my group of friends gather together to share and critique our writing. We’re excellent critics, and we’ve been able to do a lot to improve ourselves. We even have a “method.”

Right now, I’m working on editing “Fireflies,” but this week has been pretty crazy, and the deadline for Friday submissions appears to be some time on Wednesday night. It’s unfair to surprise people with new pieces this late in the week because–until one or more of us become famous authors–we all have families and day jobs. So instead of editing “Fireflies” tonight, I’m going to be reading Shannon Bozarth’s newest piece, “Breaking and Entering.” I believe it’s a short story, but the guy’s insane. This could very well become a twenty thousand word novelette overnight.

It’s what he does.

Pick up Shannon’s first novel, Ride the TrainAvailable now at It’s awesome.