Murder and Deadlines

A Murder of Storytellers now has a new site, and has officially become a publishing company. We never really expected that to happen, but it’s pretty amazing news. Consequently, all we “Murderers” have become editors. Our first open submission anthology is called Beyond the Nightlight, a collection of prose works focused on childlike and child-related terrors. We’ve already received some great submissions, but we hope to receive more, so if you’re a writer, get to submitting. We want to see your work.

One of the joys of editing is getting to see work before it’s published. I’m currently reading a novel that we hope to publish by next year. I won’t say anymore about that because it’s a secret. Also, it’s not my work, and I’d need permission from the author to talk about it. And we haven’t worked out a contract yet. You know, all the little things.

Navigator is going slowly but surely. Class and an exceptional amount of work is keeping me quite busy. But my new boss has given me a deadline for the first episode of the series, Belying Pacific. I hope it comes out by October of this year, and my goal is to publish a new episode once every three months. My novel, Phyrric, may have to wait until I’m done with school and under supervision for my licensure as a professional counselor.

Finally, I made it to 31. Now I’m really and truly in my thirties. It’s time to get moving on these writing goals. Time’s a wastin’.