Oh, Happy Days

My group continues to work towards making Happy Days a reality. My fellow writers’ submissions are trickling in, and it looks like we may, in fact, make our May first deadline. And, happily, I’ve been able to submit two stories I’d been working on a while: “The End of Callum Raynes” and “Bloody Lizzie.” The latter piece is splatterpunk and, therefore, so uncomfortable to read that at least one of our group members has bowed out. “Fireflies” and “In the Queue” are still getting their final tweaks, but they’ll be in by next week. I’m beginning to feel a little more accomplished, and a lot of this has to do with the approaching deadline.

The lack of deadlines makes it very difficult to give one a sense of accountability. The fact that Adrean said, “We’re not changing the deadline,” really made it clear that this wasn’t a game. Work is work, even when it’s fun. I’m one of those extremely fortunate people who absolutely loves the field in which he works. My “day job” isn’t just a day job. It’s the first rung in dream that I’ve worked very hard towards. But it’s unmistakable as work because I have responsibilities, others depend on me, and I have expectations to meet. That’s the difference between work and hobby. You can engage in a hobby whenever you want and put it down for however long you want with little to no consequences. Work can and should be the fun that you have in doing something that others depend on and that neglecting can lead to negative consequences for one or more people. I can thrive in that kind of environment.