The Quiet... The Awful Quiet

Life has been insane. Work has me piled up with clients, school has me piled up with coursework, and then there’s this. My love, left so lonely.

Fortunately, it’s not been abandoned. Navigator: Belying Pacific, the first episode in the Navigator series, is almost done. To clarify, the first draft is almost done. It needs a lot of work, which has been interesting for my writing group. Characters disappear between critique sessions, new events are described that had never been referred to before, and anyone who misses one session gets lost in the next. Needless to say, the second draft will be more coherent.

I see a third draft ahead of me, assuming it’s final. This is one of the unfortunate truths of taking on a project like this; completing it has become significantly harder than I suspected. I thought I’d be done by October, but we’re plowing through September and the first draft is still incomplete. And the middle…I don’t even want to talk about the middle. It’s hollow in places, character development appears at odd places, and the story is disastrously predictable.

Of course, it’d difficult to make a story based on an old form predictable, but my group has been great at giving me some options. Not only that, they’ve educated me regarding the very crux of the form I’ve been trying to replicate and how I’ve deviated from it in detrimental ways.

I love my writing group for what they’ve done to my story. They challenge me consistently and make me a better writer every week. I hope that I’m able to meet their high standards so that I can get Navigator: Belying Pacific out by the end of the year. In the meantime, we’re still accepting submissions for Beyond the Nightlight, so if you’ve got childhood fears give it a shot.

There’s also Rocket Ride, for the male-on-male, sci-fi eroticist in you.