The Thirteenth

It's the thirteenth of November. Just three more weeks till the end of school. Till loans start needing to be paid, till I turn in all I need for my LPC application, till I turn in my last assignments and am finally free of the bonds of grad school.

Unfortunately, this won't be me:

Image taken from  here .

Image taken from here.

I already graduated. Which is awesome, but it does make this whole thing a little bit less exciting. My schooling ends with a whimper. Although I'm not one to complain; the fact that I've already got my diploma has made these last three semesters significantly less stressful. I'm definitely grateful for that.

You know, now that I think about it, for neither high school nor undergrad nor grad school did I or any of my fellow nascent alums throw their hats in the air. I still have my undergrad hat. If I'd thrown it, I would've lost it, it might've been trampled. All terrible things. Who throws their hats? Have any of you? It's a total myth as far as I'm aware.