The smell of hot sweat permeated the room. There was something intoxicating about it, and indeed the strong, wet scent came with a hit of alcoholic vapor. For Aaron, the first whiff after walking into a club was like taking a shot of Everclear straight. The sting of it stretched up his nose and into the space between his eyes, settling like an ice cube pressing against his sinuses. The chill of it overwhelmed his senses for a moment, making him woozy and then relaxed. It was a strange combination of painful and pleasant.

Nightclubs were difficult places to get to know anyone individually. The myriad of smells confused every dancing, groaning, dancing patron into a whole mob of humanity. Not a single person was separable from the rest. Still, his friends liked bringing him here to meet people, and Aaron didn’t mind. It was difficult for Aaron to mingle individually with ordinary humans. He liked getting lost in the multitude of people, ecstatically gesticulating and jumping to the throbbing music. He liked blending with them, pretending that he was just like them, and not the hungry beast that had burrowed inside him since the night he’d been bitten.