Down Memory Lane: Lucian and Theo Play Dice

Lucian and Theo are old characters of Adrean and mine. We used to roleplay them all the time. This is a short wave based on one of their stories that I really enjoyed playing through. Needless to say, I also enjoyed writing this.

Lucian grinned a toothy white grin–the same grin he gave to the lasses that made them shudder so when he wooed them with an accompaniment of words that raised their souls and widened the gap between their legs. It was a gift he had, and it could never be said of Lucian that he squandered it.

He lifted his clasped hands together and shook the dice inside, adding a blow to the air of randomness that he sought to effect in this room of captured observers. “Double sevens,” Lucian said with certainty. Then he threw both of his arms in an arc and let the dice roll with gusto, bouncing and prancing over the fancy gaming table to the delight of everyone present.

Minus the delight of one, and his subordinates, whose job it was to ensure the delight of the said one, who was rather less than delighted. Korben wanted through the cameras as the young man, Lucian, with his short, black-and-red-haired friend, won a grand sum of one hundred thousand dollars on his gaming table. He knew the motions of the hands that Lucian followed. He’d seen them before. They were not random, and the young man was not lucky.

Korben turned to his chief of security. “Bring me the mage.”

“What about the boy that’s with him?” asked the stern man in a black business suit with an earpiece and a crew cut.

Korben glared at the boy in the black-and-red hair. “Bring him too.”

Back on the gaming floor, Lucian beamed over his victory.

The boy in the black and red hair bit his fingernails. “Think that got their attention?”

“If it didn’t, we just made a barrelful of green.” Lucian scooped up two handfuls of plastic, multicolored chips. “A barrelful, Theo. This is no hyperbole.”

Theo frowned. He could feel the crackling of wireless radio chatter in his ear. He didn’t need to understand the chatter to know what they were saying. “They’re coming,” he said.