"Elias and Gerard"

“Gerard!” Elias ran after the St. Bernard, who was droolingly chasing after a squirrel. It scurried up a tree, and Gerard gripped the trunk with his front paws and began barking.

“Stupid dog,” said Elias. He gripped Gerard’s leash with both hands and yanked hard enough for the dog to flop onto his back with a grunt.

Gerard righted himself, then he shook his head. Gobs of dog spit showered Elias’s shirt and face.

“Oh! God!” Elias yelled. He wiped the drool off his face and glared at the panting St. Bernard.

“Listen, you…” He wanted so badly for the dog to understand English so that he could pummel him with words. Maybe fists. Possibly a bat.

Gerard was completely insufferable and out of control. He was a pure breed, with a set of massive balls that Helena Stathem considered her prizest posession. “He has sired the most elegant litters in the country,” she had said when she had first introduced Elias to him. He had quickly proceeded to christen Elias with a stream of pee.

“…one of these days, I’m gonna make you regret the hell you’ve put me through,” said Elias.

Gerard panted and then licked his nose. His stupid, massive nose. It was why Helena Stathem had named him after Gerard Depardieu, who had played Cyrano de Bergerac in her favorite movie.

The sky started to darken. It was about to rain. Gerard moved closer to Elias and started to whine.

“Oh, shut up,” he said. “Let’s go home.”

Gerard walked in front of Elias, pulling on the leash the entire time so that he either had to run or be dragged behind the dog.

Then, Gerard stopped and growled at the darkness in front of them. Elias hadn’t noticed when day had turned into night. Not totally night, though. The sky was streaked with the colors of sunset. As if God had taken a finger to the horizon and stirred the hues about.

“Gerard? What’s there?” He hated that dog, but now he needed a friend.