He was in the shower. Washing off. He was such a sweet boy. So embarrassed by himself, while at the same time delightfully cocky at his youthful prowess in bed. The thought of his voice, at the same time seductive and nervous, made Amelia smile. She picked herself off the bed and sat in front of her mirror. She wasn’t as young as she used to be herself. With her index and middle finger, she stretched the lines that were beginning to show at the corners of her eyes. Maybe that’s what attracted her to Scott so much. He made her feel young.

Scott walked out of the bathroom wearing only her ex-husband’s blue bathrobe. He strutted from the bathroom door over to her side, kissing her softly on the cheek. “I love you, Amy,” he said, smiling.

Amelia smiled. “I love you too, Scottie. Could you make me a drink? Rum and coke.”

Scott’s eyes lit up. “Can I have one too?”

Amelia’s smile widened. “Of course. Make yourself one too. Just don’t overdo it.”

“I promise.” He stepped between Amelia and the mirror. “God you are so beautiful.” And he kissed her softly on the lips. Their kiss lingered, their tongues petting each other lightly. Then Scott walked out of the bedroom into her kitchen to make them both something to drink.

Amelia wondered whether Scott would have time to do his homework in the morning, or whether she’d try to have him pulled from his first period so that he could get it done in time. She didn’t want their relationship here to affect their relationship at school. They were different things, she argued. And she needed Scott to believe that too. She had to draw a line. She couldn’t afford this to be a mistake.