"More Friends"

He just wanted a friend. A soft friend that was also warm and didn’t gush. All the friends he managed tended to spill themselves everywhere: yellow below the waist and eventually red from their flat mouths and the strange flaps that covered their ear holes on either side of their heads. In reality, he wanted someone like himself. Round, yellow head, short legs, long arms, round, tiny eyes, and round, sharp-toothed mouth. He wanted someone who spoke like him, in deep purring tones that expressed so much without words.

But there was no one like him. Or no one that he’d found. The few friends he’d stolen away from the surface and down into the cold, damp tunnel he called home were loud and spoke in broken tones that started shrill and ended stuttering and weak.

His latest friend called herself Abby. She was small and had a louder voice than most. His kisses made her cry out, and he liked it because when he cried out too, it was joyous. He let out several howls that resonated in his throat. Wet clear juiced dripped from her eyes, and he tried to clean them by putting his nails deep into the little blue circles. They gushed forth something gooey, and the girl howled. He howled back happily because he knew that she had to be grateful. He cleaned her off with pieces of her shirt, which he removed by cutting them from her white skin. The little red lines his cuts made were pretty, but he didn’t like how wet they made her.

The more she howled, the happier he knew they were. But he was still sad because he knew their time would be over soon. Soon she would get so tired that she’d have to sleep and wouldn’t wake up again. She’d lose her warmth and then she’d start to get really skinny. He would cut bits from her white skin and try to feed them to her, but she wouldn’t eat no matter how hard he tried to help her. He’d try to push the bits deep inside her throat. She wouldn’t fight it, but it would do no good. Her belly would grow and eventually he wouldn’t be able to fight the rats and flies away from her. He’d have to give her up.

But there were always more friends waiting. He’d find another. Like always.