Phyrric Short: Lex and Andy Discuss Flaws

A short wave based on two characters from my future novel Phyrric.

“Tell me a flaw,” Lex said, petting the soft black locks of Andy’s beaded hair.

Andy giggled. “What?”

“A flaw. Something bad about you,” he repeated. Then he wondered whether pucas even thought in such terms. Maybe flaws were human things. Gods certainly never believed they had them.

“I dunno.” Andy kisses Lex’s forehead and hummed pensively to himself. It wasn’t a song–more like a breath that left a tune along the tense surface of a body of water. “I like to eat meat.”

That’s your flaw? You really are perfect.”

Andy grinned, his teeth sharp and clean. “No. I am what I am.”

“Who. You’re a who now, remember?”

Andy nodded. “Right. Well, I am who then.”

“And since you are what you are…what? You’re still pretty much perfect.”

“Is there a perfect puca?”

Lex shook his head. “You’re the perfect person.”

Andy kissed Lex on the lips this time. “But I’m not a person. Is that a flaw?”

Lex shrugged. “Only in that you’re difficult to have normal discussions with.”

“Sounds like a flaw in persons. I’m good at discussions. I’m tons of good at them.”