I clamp down my teeth. Sweet, succulent rage. Lust for revenge. I lust too…for the lust of it. He rubs the side of his head and thinks about her. The woman he wants to strangle to death with his bare hands, whose bones he wants to feel crack under his clenched fingers. He thinks about the lies she told and it makes his insides hot and his outsides sweaty. I coil my tail around his neck to keep from slipping off.

I suckle on him as he thinks. I want him to feel it all. But I try to be delicate, to suck softly on his neck as he watches through the closet blinds. He sees them now, his wife and his wife’s lover, writhing and twisting and throbbing at each other. Every moan they exclaim makes my meal shudder with fury. I lick at his ear. I want his rage unbridled, loosed, freed.

Pleasingly, his fingers slither into his pocket and wrap around the handle of a gun. I slurp happily as I hold on tight by the teeth to the back of his head. So sweet. So very sweet.