When Cronos slew his father, he fell from the sky and landed in the ocean. The blood of the dead primordial being mixed with the ocean water produced a foam that flowed like rivulets outward towards the land. The stream of foam rose up and out of it came a bright and beautiful clam. When the clam opened, the goddess of love appeared nude and brilliant, and all the beauty of the world paled in comparison.

I told this story to Isabel, petting her silky red hair with my wet fingers. She had to understand why I’d brought her to my home. When I first saw her porcelain green eyes and shook her soft white hand, I knew that I loved her. But I knew that she was enchanted by that horrible block-headed man who came to  pick her up from work each day.

When he didn’t come, I offered to take her home with me. I knew then that this would be my chance. While under the pale gaze of a crimson stop sign, I pierced her shoulder’s flesh with a flick of a needle. The stream of tranquilizer flowed into her veins, and she fell silent.

Now that she’d awakened, I wanted her to see all that I had done for her. Like Cronos, I had taken my ailing, senile father and stabbed him so that his heart’s blood would pour from him and bathe her. Love would be born in her, and she would see.

She turned away from me, weeping. Her warm tears left pink streaks in her pale cheeks. I smiled. In my heart, I knew they were tears of joy.