"Thunder and Lightning"

This is an except from a roleplaying game that Adrean and I once played together called Stormborn. It centered around the stormborn child, Theo. This scene is between Charm, a human-demon hybrid and son of one of Theo’s allies, and Grandfather Bones, the series’s main villain.

* * *

Lightning flashed against the surface of the protective bubble that enveloped the dark floating city. The blue-white tendrils scoured the surface of the bubble, leaving glowing tears and growing eddies in the translucent field.

Grandfather Bones looked on from the tower and grinned, stroking the surface of his goatee.

Charm looked at the fireworks, then at Bones–the man who’d been more like a father to him than his own, and who he was about to betray. “You’re not worried?”

“Why? Should I be?”

Charm shrugged, trying to hide the water welling up at the corners of his eyes.

Bones smiled and ran a hand through Charm’s hair. “Now that the Stormborn is with them, they will break through the shield. Then they will come in here, and their first wave will be mauled by my werewolves. The second wave will avenge them. There will be many deaths. I am not worried because everything is going according to plan.”

Charm looked at the tear. A second clap of thunder followed another spray of fireworks, spreading lightning over the surface of the bubble like cracks over ice. “We’re gonna win?”

“I said things were going according to plan,” Bones corrected. “I did not say we would win.”

A third strike shattered the field, lighting the whole firmament with blue lightning and flame, and filling the air with the shriek of thunder and the scent of ozone. Immediately, the courtyard filled with warped pockets of air that began to expel mages with swords, guns, and staves at the ready. A pack of werewolves, hairy and enraged, descended upon them, slashing and ripping and filling the air with red mist.

“Come,” Bones said. “We will meet the third wave on the battlefield. Soon, you will have your chance.” He smiled again at Charm. It was a sad smile, but not without a tinge of pride.

Charm touched the warm piece of emerald crystal that he had fashioned into a blade and followed Bones.