The Fox and the Hound

I remember the Disney movie, where—as the film poster says—"...two friends...didn't know they were supposed to be enemies." The novel is a different animal altogether. In the novel, the fox and the hound are never friends. The hound hunts the fox relentlessly until the latter dies from exhaustion. Then the hound gets shot.

Spoiler alert for a novel that came out in 1967.

I'd had a thought for the title of the next novella in the Stormborn series, but it turned out that the original material undermines the message of my book. You think you have your title, then you don't. Back to the drawing board. I still wanted to use the title in something, so why not this blog post?

Today's a special day! Today The Misbehaving Dead comes out in digital form! It's available in the A Murder of Storytellers store, on Amazon, and wherever else digital books are sold! The Misbehaving Dead is filled with some amazing authors from diverse backgrounds, and the stories are beautiful and grotesque. It's the horror you need in your digital stocking this Halloween.

You'll find many versions of undeath represented in this anthology, really expressing a sample of the breadth of the human imagination. As much work as it is, I love editing, and I thoroughly enjoyed working with this group of authors.

You should get this book. It's a good one.

For more information on The Misbehaving Dead, click here—or up there on the picture—or anywhere! I might've gone a little overboard with the links.