The Discomfiting Compliment

I love compliments. I crave them. So I usually go out of my way to get them. People call me an overachiever. I'm just trying to get you to say something nice to me.

I just got done submitting Chapter 1 of the second Stormborn book to Nevermore Edits, and I got generally positive reviews. So far, it's a good start. If I can stay on schedule, I might actually be able to finish this book with plenty of time to spare. A few extra weeks of editing couldn't hurt.

The first book has been getting good reviews, too! A fellow writer read the book and gave it an awesome review on Amazon and Goodreads, followed by a five-star rating. I can't wait to see what other people think, but it's nice to know that the first copies of the book have been well-received.

One reader decided to cut her hair in the same style as Theo. Objectively, she looks awesome.


I've been writing blog posts on A Murder of Storytellers! They're pretty cool posts.

As much as I like compliments, too many make me uncomfortable. Don't stop them coming, though! This is one anxiety I'd rather smother.