Present and Near Future Thoughts

This year, for my birthday, I got a new job. It was a bit of a gift to myself to be able to get a job working for the same agency that helped me out when I was a young, broke graduate student.

The Day Job

A little background. My first time doing counseling was in 2013. During the summer of that year, I served as an intern, helping to run men's groups and occasionally doing individual therapy with some of the guys who participated in the groups. I started counseling professionally in 2015, after qualifying for the LPC (licensed professional counselor) candidacy. For the next three years, I served as a home-based counselor for youth on juvenile probation. In April 2018 I earned my full license to practice as an LPC, and by June 2018 I decided I was done with the whole home-based gig. I wanted a salaried position with an office. Other benefits would be cool.

So I applied to a bunch of places. After a setback or two, I was finally offered a position as an intake therapist. An eight-to-five job, with benefits, a salary, and an office. I started at this job in July, and I've been thriving in my career as a counselor.

And I've got the cutest little office.

And I've got the cutest little office.

The Hobby

I took a few months off from Crimson Tinsel because I'd been so busy, so I hadn't made any videos for what felt like a long time. Then GISH, an annual scavenger hunt that a friends of mine and I participate in, comes along. GISH definitely requires me to do video editing. Not as much as I actually do, but enough that I have to pull out the old, dusty video editing software and get to rendering. I've loved doing this since I was a little kid, and I love doing it now for fun.

We have a long list of videos we've made over the years as Team Lunasea. Some of them include me, but many of them are videos of others doing their GISH thing; all I did in these cases was editing. Here's my favorite video from this year's collection:

It's always one thing that inspires another. As soon as GISH was over, I was ready to edit more videos. And that's what I've been doing. I've done a few projects for friends, which will be uploaded at some point, I'm sure. I've also started up on Crimson Tinsel again. We released our entry for August on the 13th, and we'll release September's entry on the 13th of that month.

Have you heard about Crimson Tinsel? It's a project that Adrean Messmer and I have been working on. She reads a flash fiction or a short horror story. Then she records herself doing something creepy. I record it and put it together into a creepy video. Our latest video is the fourth in the series: "Fish in the Sea." Check it out below, or check out our YouTube channel for more videos.

The Writing Job

Because this has been a busy summer, my writing career has not been as successful. I have done little to no writing or editing in the past couple of months, which has put me uncomfortably on schedule. That is to say that if I focus—unabashedly and completely focus—on what I need to get done over the next two months, I will achieve my deadlines in the nick of time. I wasn't even able to get a piece edited and turned in to A Murder of Storytellers's new anthology Sorry, We're Closed.

This is a low release year for me. That's a problem for a little-known writer. Those of you who don't already know me must have forgotten about me by now. As long as The Knave and the Fool makes it to bookshelves by October, I'll be OK with the way things have gone, but I want to improve my productivity next year.

So I spent money on it. Next year, I'm going to be partaking in Richard Thomas's Novel in a Year writing course. The course is not inexpensive, which I hope will make me more motivated to actually do the work. The hope—nay, the expectation—is that I will complete a novel in 2019 and have it ready for publication by 2020. This novel's name is, tentatively, Phyrric. Edits could change that. Who knows? Anything could change in a year.

I'm doing well overall, but I do need to focus. There's precious little time, and The Knave and the Fool must be out by October. I want to be done with Book 2 and working on Book 3 of Stormborn by the time 2019 rolls around. This is the week that I pull it together. This is the week that I make things happen.

Until we meet again, enjoy the song I wrote on my whiteboard.

Rinse and repeat.

Rinse and repeat.