I Should Blog More

I should blog more. That's what I keep telling myself, but I've been either very busy or very distracted. Either way, I've allowed far too much time to pass in between posts, and that's upsetting. What better time to get started again than Pride Month? After all, this was supposed to be a big month. The second book in the Stormborn series, The Knave and the Fool, was going to be released for sure. I had a plan. But that plan went to shit.

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The Tale of the Broken Hand

One Sunday in early November, someone in Tulsa was driving downtown when he saw a yellow light. The same question crossed his mind as crosses mine when I encounter a yellow traffic light: Do I stop or do I go? He chose to speed up. The light turned red before he hit the intersection. He had misjudged the light's timing. A blue Honda barrelled towards him.

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The Fox and the Hound

I remember the Disney movie, where—as the film poster says—"...two friends...didn't know they were supposed to be enemies." The novel is a different animal altogether. In the novel, the fox and the hound are never friends. The hound hunts the fox relentlessly until the latter dies from exhaustion. Then the hound gets shot.

Spoiler alert for a novel that came out in 1967.

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