Becoming Michael Fassbender

It feels like the time passes super-quickly. Pretty soon it'll be 2020, and I won't even have noticed.

This Friday, I officially turned in my application for LPC candidacy. A lot of people have asked me what LPC means: Licensed Professional Counselor. Yup--it's finally happening! The best part is that the agency at which I work, and the people in charge of counseling at said agency, are willing to supervise me. It means a few changes to my job description, but it also means I still get to keep working with the youth that I've been working with thus far. I like that. In just a short few weeks, I will officially be...


I've always wanted to be Michael Fassbender. Without the drug dealing. Or the fact that he's actually a lawyer. Okay, I won't be Michael Fassbender in The Counselor. Probably more like Michael Fassbender in...


Except without the sex with clients. Or the--you know what? I'm not gonna be Michael Fassbender at all. His characters are crazy. Oooh! I could be his counselor. That might be fun. Working to avoid transference in his case may be hard, but that's just part of the job.