It's December?!

The sound of an alarm is shrill and sharp, and most people can't sleep through one. I don't have  that problem—never have. Needless to say, I seem to have missed the switch from November to December. Even work was able to surprise me with things I hadn't yet done. (And work is one of the things I generally do impeccably.)

I've gone ahead and removed the NaNoWriMo update thing from the site since November is over. I didn't win, but I'm okay with it. The month of November was less productive than I wanted it to be, but it got me back on track. I'm more productive now than I've been in months. I've completed two short stories, started a novel that I'm flooded with inspiration for, and I've written a lot of non-fiction stuff.

Moreover, as January approaches, I'm going to be submitting a bunch of stuff to the OWFI Writing Contest. It's gonna make the convention this spring more fun. Honestly, if you're a writer in Oklahoma, and you don't go to the OWFI Conference, you're missing out.

A Murder of Storytellers is coming out with one anthology in January that I'm helping to edit! It's called Theater B. I want to get you excited about it, so I'll repost the blurb from the back of the book, which I wrote. Enjoy...and anticipate!

Evil Dead. Grindhouse. Brain Damage. Motel Hell. Night of the Comet. There are no conventions that the vanguard writers of these films wouldn't eschew. There are no rules that they wouldn't break. These maestros of the macabre took everything we know about horror and set it on its head, all for fancy's thrill. For them, there is no caprice too bizarre to indulge. No limits. No precautions. Just you, a story, and the wind rushing past you with the ground fast approaching. Oh, and your bungie cord isn't attached to your harness. Your evil hand must have loosened it.

Maybe the voice living in the zit on the left side of your nose can help. Why don't you ask her? Oh, yes—your zit is a chick. The incarnate ghost of your dead great-aunt.

Theater B is a collection of short stories written in the same vein as the classic B movies that we fell in love with for their utter lack of shame. They are orgasms of creativity, sluicing imagination from every orifice. They are monuments to the raw idea, bereft of filter, spawned to electrify, to terrify, and to nauseate.

Last thing. Look up! It's a new logo! It doesn't look very different, but you get special bonus points if you notice the sleek differences. 😉

Things I've Considered Since Returning to Tulsa

There was a lot that I learned at OWFI, and I was warned never to share any of it. On pain of death. By Murder itself. But I’m not scared because I never intended to share anything other than what I intend to practice.

So, the first change to the site is this: You don’t have to leave your name and all your info when you comment. Everyone can comment and login as long as they have a Google, Facebook, or Twitter. And who doesn’t have one of these? Who doesn’t have all of these? Have you been living under a rock all this time? No one will ever be required to register to this site either. Another blogger once said, “Getting someone to register to your personal site is like getting someone to get you a cup of coffee on Mars.”

Well, if there were a coffee joint on Mars, it’d be a Starbucks. In which case, get me a venti soy vanilla latte with an extra shot of espresso. At children’s temperature, please. I have a sensitive tongue. Whipped cream and cinnamon are optional.

The second change is the Writing category. Here’s the reason. I write. And the fact is that most of my stuff isn’t good enough to publish. Or interesting enough to keep writing a story about. But I’ll share it. I think it’s really easy for writers to forget their roots. We all began somewhere. And we all have first drafts. I know, it won’t help my marketing, but there are a lot of people–both in my group and in the world–who don’t think they’re good enough to put their thoughts out on paper. No one is…at first.

But the Writing Category, it’ll have more things! I learned that characters are important, whether or not he or she’s the main character. I think of Pyrrhic, and I wonder what Lex’s hobbies are, Angel’s greatest secret, and what Enya does for fun when she’s not busy “evilling” about. Some of these “character interviews” may become worth putting up. Finally, there’s excerpts. Yes…but only of post-published work. Because I’m about to have a publication called Happy Days, Sweetheart out soon, and it’s gonna be awesome.

My first. And all thanks to Murder.