Dark and Dangerous Things Are Here!

The Purple Ink Writers' latest anthology, Dark and Dangerous Things III is finally here! I just purchased it on Kindle, and I've been enjoying reading the stories by all the not-me authors.

Dark and Dangerous Things III has just about everything. I really enjoyed spreading my wings and finally publishing something in the science fiction genre. Science fiction was my thing back in high school, when I spent my free time writing short stories about aliens and gods made of touchable photons.

My knowledge of physics was still light in high school.

But now I'm back! And I enjoyed it so much, I might just have to do it again soon.

Dark and Dangerous Things Are Coming

I've been dying to talk about this, and now I finally think I can! For the past two months, I've been working on several short stories, each destined for different anthologies: "Melt," "Xinsheng," and "At the Intersection of Blake and Irving." "Melt" went on to be published in Now Playing in Theater B in mid-February. And now "Xinsheng" and "At the Intersection of Blake and Irving" will appear in the newest anthology by Purple Ink Writers called Dark and Dangerous Things III.

My short stories will appear beside those of a small group of very talented writers, so I'm very excited about this anthology. I'll make sure to post when Dark and Dangerous Things III is available for purchase. Final edits are being completed as I'm writing this, so I expect the anthology will be out this March.

Now that the shorts are done and gone, I'm continuing work on Mister Kiefer, a novel about a fictional and controversial author from Laneehackee, Oklahoma, being interviewed by a young journalist. Hijinks ensue. It's so far been a great deal of fun to write. I'm also beginning work on a serial that has resparked my interest: Stormborn. I started it as a novel for NaNoWriMo, but the story didn't appear to work well in novel format. An episodic format, I found, will work better. Stormborn will be a serial based around the character of Theo Tamsin, a young musician who is caught up in a prophecy that predicts that he will stop the end of the world.

If it sounds cliché, that's because I'm not very good at one-sentence synopses. It's a flaw that I think is funny in my circle of friends.

Stormborn: Unnamed Episode I should be available this year, assuming I accomplish all my stated goals. So far, I'm being consistent in my one-chapter-a-week plan. I hope I have extra time to post some stuff here—to whet appetites, as it were—but I can't promise that. 

As one final note, I made a lot of changes to the Publications page on this site, so check that out to see the books my work is featured in, including the anthology for which I served as editor, Broken Worlds.