Winter Interlude V: The Y Awakens

And now for the final installment of...

26 Things About Me

V — Vacation destination. In all honesty, if I had the time to go on vacation, I would go to the Netherlands. I've heard amazing things about the architecture, the churches, the history that seeps from every city street. I've heard other stuff, too, but I want to focus on the things I'd share pictures of.

W — Worst habit. Bad habits, I have a few. The worst, by far, is my tendency towards tardiness. I have a constant enmity with time, and I tend to be late to things more often than not.

I've tried to argue that collectivist cultures, such as mine, tend to have a strange conception of time as a series of interactions—defining the self in relation to others—rather than a series of ticks on a clock. That argument never goes well for me.

X — X-rays you've had. Erin, what a weird question! After unfairly blaming her, I checked with Archon. He answered the same question. Whoever made this thing up is very, very weird. Anyway, I guess I have to answer the question now.

There. Is. No. Choice.

I actually have no idea. A lot. I get x-rays every time I go to the dentist, and that's every six months. The most interesting one was the x-ray on my knee to figure out why I was experiencing chronic pain. Turns out there was nothing wrong, which cured my psychosomatic pain right away. (Well, after a few hours of forcing myself to walk on my healthy knee without aid).

Y — Youthful indiscretions. Oh wow. Now you want me to go into my childhood? Who doesn't have youthful indiscretions. The most curious experience I had as a kid was when we were playing around with a guy's car and accidentally set off his alarm. We ran, but we got caught by the guy who owned the car. Turns out the guy was FBI. I apologized, no one got in trouble, and I got to help the guy out later when he came back to ask me to help him get something out on his computer.

Which, I'm suddenly realizing, no FBI agent would've asked a 13-year-old. So maybe he was on a case, and he had to see how a kid would get to the thing in the computer. Or he wasn't FBI at all and was just fucking with me.

Man, adults are dicks.

Z — Zoos visited. A few. I've visited zoos in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, New Orleans, and Tulsa at least. I lived in New York City for a year, and I never went to the Bronx Zoo. If you think that's a crime, consider that none of my students had gone. They'd lived in New York City their whole lives, only a few short miles from the zoo.

What a sad note to end on. Let's end this Winter Interlude with a cute picture instead.