Now Playing in Theater B

It's here! My short story "Melt" is officially out on paperback and Kindle. It's the first story in the new anthology by A Murder of Storytellers entitled Now Playing in Theater B.

You can find more information about it on my Publications page. This is the blurb, which I'm also proud of having written:

Evil Dead. Grindhouse. Brain Damage. Motel Hell. Night of the Comet. There are no conventions that the vanguard writers of these films wouldn't eschew. There are no rules that they wouldn't break. These maestros of the macabre took everything we know about horror and set it on its head, all for fancy's thrill. For them, there is no caprice too bizarre to indulge. No limits. No precautions. Just you, a story, and the wind rushing past you with the ground fast approaching. Oh, and your bungie cord isn't attached to your harness. Your evil hand must have loosened it.

Maybe the voice living in the zit on the left side of your nose can help. Why don't you ask her? Oh, yes—your zit is a chick. The incarnate ghost of your dead great-aunt.

Theater B is a collection of short stories written in the same vein as the classic B movies that we fell in love with for their utter lack of shame. They are orgasms of creativity, sluicing imagination from every orifice. They are monuments to the raw idea, bereft of filter, spawned to electrify, to terrify, and to nauseate.

Two new short stories I wrote will be released in Dark and Dangerous Things III, which is slated to come out some time soon. I'll pass on the information as I have it.

When you read "Melt" and all the other short stories in Now Playing in Theater B, I hope you'll leave a review. Those things are amazing not only for drawing in new readers, but for letting authors know how to improve. Five stars are welcome only when they are deserved.

In other news, now that I'm done with short-story-writing for a bit, I'm ready to take on a slightly bigger project. I've been working on political satire modernizing the well-known classic Don Quixote. It's a bit experimental for me, but I'm finding it a lot of fun. As I get closer to actually completing it, I might sneak some peeks out at you.