The Thirteenth

It's the thirteenth of November. Just three more weeks till the end of school. Till loans start needing to be paid, till I turn in all I need for my LPC application, till I turn in my last assignments and am finally free of the bonds of grad school.

Unfortunately, this won't be me:

Image taken from  here .

Image taken from here.

I already graduated. Which is awesome, but it does make this whole thing a little bit less exciting. My schooling ends with a whimper. Although I'm not one to complain; the fact that I've already got my diploma has made these last three semesters significantly less stressful. I'm definitely grateful for that.

You know, now that I think about it, for neither high school nor undergrad nor grad school did I or any of my fellow nascent alums throw their hats in the air. I still have my undergrad hat. If I'd thrown it, I would've lost it, it might've been trampled. All terrible things. Who throws their hats? Have any of you? It's a total myth as far as I'm aware.

Three More Months

And I'll officially be done with school. Finally. With my master's degree under my belt, all that's left is for me to become able to get my LPC. I'll have completed all sixty hours required, and I'll be ready for my two-year supervisory period. Yay!

So what does this mean for my writing? Tons! Right now, most of my writing is relegated to non-fictional analyses of psychological issues, counseling practice, and multicultural competency. Thrilling subjects--for me--but not so much for people who prefer fiction over academic papers. Many of my Murder buddies have joined together to create a tabletop roleplaying podcast. There's this podcast planned regarding the long-time argument about whether hexagonal or square grid maps are better. I plan to bring the neuropsychology in: without boring listeners. That's hard. I like to fap about those things. It is my career.

After school, I'll be able to focus more on my fiction writing. Maybe finally get some novels out there that I've been working on forever, like Pyrrhic and Sam. And get my serial Navigator going. My weekday nights will be free, and all the other time I'm not spending in school will no longer be smothered by homework and papers. I'll have no excuses is what I mean.

I'm behind on Nanowrimo already. It's the sixth, and I'm not going to be able to do any work until at least Saturday. It'll be tough to catch up, but I've done it before. With school winding down--that is, at the tail end of its rising action culminating in its climax in the beginning of December--that will make Nanowrimo especially challenging. But I'd be remiss if I didn't try. I've won the last few years, and I hope to keep that streak going.