I'm trying to get so much done that I simply did not have time to post anything about the amazing decision made by the Supreme Court to deny states the right to privilege opposite-sex marriages. Already, I've spent way too much time on Facebook arguing with people who have such a basic understanding of how our government works that they missed the part of high school civics class discussing judicial review: a practice that goes back to the presidency of Thomas Jefferson.

The rest of this weekend, however, will be devoted to finishing going through the Broken Worlds entries. We expect to be done by June 30th, but I'm hoping I'll be done by the 29th.

In celebration of June 26th's historic Supreme Court decision, though, I did comb social media for my favorite #LoveWins pictures. There were two, so I did do a little research to give credit where credit is due. The first is called "Rainbow Explosion" by Sheldon. The second, with President Barack Obama riding a unicorn and shooting rainbows out of his hands, is just epic. Unfortunately, it's older and I wasn't able to locate an original source. Anonymous, your work is amazing.