Navigator is an old story I’ve been working on since I was still at Tulane. I used it as my thesis project for my Bachelor’s degree. But I never really got around to finishing it.

Ever since the OWFI conference, I know Shannon and I have been thinking about writing episodic pieces. I’ve decided that Navigator will be mine, since it was always designed to be more of a series than a novel–with episodes instead of chapters.

I’m hoping to get the first episode out by October, at the latest. I’ve completed Chapters 1 and 2, and they’re going to go to my writing group for discussion and dissection this Friday. I’m excited.

Here’s my plan. I will get the story proofed as I go along, but I will do no edits at all until I’m done with the first “episode.” I will collect everyone’s comments and make notes on them as I progress. Then, only when I’m done, I’ll go back and start doing the edits that were suggested by my group members. After that, I’ll turn the whole thing back to the group for final edits.

After that’s done, it should be ready for self-publication as an ebook. That’s my plan so that I can finally get a large piece of work done. I’d like to put one episode out every three months. OWFI inspired me. My group will no doubt keep me from losing that inspiration. They’re an incredible bunch without whom I would have no right to call myself an author.