Winter Interlude IV: Return of the R

It's time to revisit...

26 Things About Me

Q — Quirk. I couldn't be sure what quirks I might have, so I asked my friends. After they helpfully listed a number of character flaws, we came upon two quirks. First, I apparently love to explain things that don't need to be explained. I'm a pedagogue by nature, and I love to talk about the things that I know. And I bore my friends to tears when I talk at length about things they either already know or don't care one iota about.

I also apparently snort. I can't speak to that.

As I was writing this, I made a really bad joke. "There's your quirk," Adrean says to me. Oy vey.

R — Rant. Oh, I can rant! What would I prefer to go on about? What—at this moment—strikes me in the unfunny bone? Maybe people who ignore basic facts about their favored candidates when they make decisions regarding whom to vote for. For example, I could go on and on about Donald Trump. I've considered writing a blog post about him, actually.

I've also had ants crawling under my skin over The Walking Dead this season. Specifically regarding a spoilerrific abuse of cinematography to trick viewers into thinking something was true that plainly wasn't. I might be more likely to write a blog post about that.

S — Simple pleasure. What pleasure is simple? According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, food and sleep fall under the lowest (or simplest) domain. I would have to say that those are my simplest pleasures. Sleep has to be my favorite of the two. If I'm able to dream, all the better. Dreams are where my best ideas come from, and I value the days when I rise gently from a dream to face the world's travails.

There couldn't be a simpler pleasure than sleep.

Speaking of sleep...

T — Time you wake up. I wake up at different times every day. It's not my preference, but it's a simple reality of working unusual hours, depending on my client load for a given week. What I do know is that, no matter when I come home, sleep doesn't come immediately to me. I usually need to take some time to chill out after a long work of counseling adolescents.

My preference, though, has to be waking up around 8 A.M. I love getting up, taking a long shower, and enjoying a warm cup of coffee before facing the day. I also love the sunlight. The more I can get, the better I feel about life, the universe, and everything.

U — Underestimated. I don't feel underestimated. Instead of settling with that for an answer, I returned to Archon's list for his genius idea.

U — Underwear color. Genius maybe wasn't the right word. My underwear color varies. Suffice it to say that I adore the underwear I wear now. Several months ago, I became a subscriber to MeUndies, which sends me a new pair of underwear every month. Each month there are new featured designs that make the underwear look super cute. The underwear is made of MicroModal fabric, which feels so good against my skin. I think they're amazing, and I absolutely recommend them to anyone.

If you wanna try out MeUndies, use this link to get 20% off your first order. They don't support this blog, but they are happy to get referrals.