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Writing Well Creative Writing Workshop 2016

  • Oaxley Nature Center 3452-3676 Mohawk Blvd Tulsa, OK 74115 United States (map)

This year's Writing Well Creative Writing Workshop takes place on November 12, 2016, at Tulsa, Oklahoma's beautiful Oxley Nature Center. In the heart of Mohawk Park, Oxley is a reminder of a simpler time and place, where everything is good because it is true, natural, and deeply connected to the cycle of life, death, and rebirth that drives the world.

The theme of the 2016 workshop is EcosystemsMerriam-Webster defines an ecosystem as "the whole group of living and nonliving things that make up an environment and affect each other." This idea that the living and the non-living exist together and cannot be separated because they rely on each other is an essential understanding every writer needs. Writers produce their best work when they understand themselves in relationship to the people around them, the communities they live in, the truths of nature, the reality of history, their own hearts and souls...all the things that together make up this magical world we live in.

The 2016 workshop is dedicated to inspiring writers to grow by improving our writing skills, expanding our artistic vision, and developing a deeper understanding of who we are as artists and people. It's about discovering the essential truths of how the world works, which we can then use to feed our creativity and bring a deeper level of truth to our writing. Like a tree reaching higher heights by sinking its roots deeper into the ground, we seek to find ways to connect with the natural world in a way that allows us to be the best artists we can be. And we aim to find ways to focus on what makes us excel as artists in spite of traffic jams, candy crush marathons, "reality" TV, and all the other "noises" of daily life that seek to dampen our creative juices.

Please come and be a part of this unique writing workshop experience with us.

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