Broken Worlds

edited by Jack Burgos

We are never alone, not truly. We exist within systems; families, societies, governments, countries, continents; all within a singular planet in a singular solar system in a singular galaxy in a singular universe. And none of these are perfect. Many are broken, some beyond repair. Some could become broken over time. Others need to be destroyed to be improved.

Featuring stories by M. R. Rainer, S. Mickey Lin, George Cotronis, Shannon Iwanski, Edward Martin III, Scott R. Jones, Bria Burton, Deborah Walker, James Ebersole, Donna A. Leahey, Robin Wyatt Dunn, Ben Jeffries, C. M. Beckett, Adrian Ludens, John Biggs, Rhoads Brazos, Preston Dennett, Cathy Bryant, Nicole Tanquary, Stanley Webb, Robin M. Eames, Caroline Taylor, Franklin Charles Murdock, Kelly Matsuura, Edward Ashton, Tom Breen, Robert Shelton, Shannon Lippert, Victoria Zelvin, L. V. Pires, Alex Shvartsman, Adrean Messmer, and Liam Hogan, this anthology is about broken worldsfrom families to a multiversewhere things are not what they seem or seem to be what they are: utterly broken from the top down and vice versa.

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