Dark and Dangerous Things III

containing "At the Intersection of Blake and Irving" and "Xinsheng" by Jack Burgos

Ready to enter hidden realms and explore our inner shadows? Each story in Dark and Dangerous Things III tackles the fascinating, haunting questions that drive people forward in life. The prices we pay to survive, the sacrifices we make to meet expectations, the risks in resisting those expectations, the warring desires for justice and freedom, and more. These stories are crafted to make readers remember the toughest decisions they’ve ever made and know that they are in good company with those who populate the tales of Dark and Dangerous Things III.

Readers of fantasy, science fiction, light horror, magical realism, ghost tales and the like will enjoy the flights of fancy in this anthology—including trips through space, fantastical realms, folk tale forests, conversations with devils, and so much more. It’s the best Dark and Dangerous anthology yet, a ride that readers won’t soon forget.

Praise for previous Dark and Dangerous Things Anthologies:

"Riveting stories that capture the imagination!"
"This is a great read. You won't be disappointed."
"A solid collection of imaginative works!"
"These stories would be perfect for episodes of
The Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits."
"Dark and spooky with a touch of the macabre. Encore please!"