Happy Days, Sweetheart

containing "Fireflies," "In the Queue," "The End of Callum Raynes," and "Bloody Lizzie" by Jack Burgos

No one's getting out of this.

Modern fairy tales promise that villains will be punished and everyone else lives happily ever after. But in these pages, no one gets a happy ending.

The family next door, the ghosts from the past, schoolyard bullies, undead rockstars, and more find themselves on a desolate road with no way back. Fourteen tales of tragedy in a dark spectrum of genres, guaranteed to break your heart.

Following is a review by Michelle Chiapetta of the Purple Ink Writers:

"I enjoyed this collection of dark-themed short stories. The writers as a whole show clear skills in keeping a story moving forward—they clearly know how to write—and I liked that. My favorite stories of the collection were 'Fireflies,' 'We Are Golden,' and 'Unraveling.' These were the stories that I found the most powerful, unique, evocative, and cathartic of the bunch. 'Unraveling' had an ending I didn’t see coming, but loved. So did 'Fireflies.' 'We Are Golden's' mood and tone was perfect for the story's subject matter. The other stories, though, were a mixed bag for me. A few seemed to need a bit more work to really pack a full punch, and one in particular I just couldn't buy into. But in the end, I liked this collection a lot, and I'd recommend it."